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March 2, 2018
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March 8, 2018

Man’s foot amputated after ‘blister’ turns out to be flesh-eating bacteria

From the News article:

A DAYCARE teacher in the US who thought a blister on his foot was caused by his shoe learned it was a dangerous, flesh-eating bacteria — and had to have his right foot amputated.

Mr Reyes’ wife, Joseline, told the Houston Chronicle that doctors then had no choice but to amputate in order to stop the bacteria from spreading throughout his bloodstream.

“[Raul] hurt his foot at work, so he thought the swollenness was due to the injury,” she told the newspaper. “After a few days, it was still swollen and he has a blister on his foot, which he thought was caused by his shoe. He woke up the next day and the blister was covering his entire foot, so he went to the clinic, where they told him to get to the emergency room immediately.”

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