Seal of Acceptance / Approval

The CPMA Seal of Acceptance/Approval (Seal) is granted to products found to promote quality foot health. The Seal is granted when evidence of safety and usefulness has been established by recognized laboratory and/or specifications applicable to equipment and materials under consideration have been met. It may be awarded to shoes, socks, insoles, materials, along with therapeutic products such as lotions, deodorizers, wound care treatments, regulated medical devices, and medicines. Products that are primarily cosmetic are not be considered eligible.

Currently approved products fall in the following categories (click title to view product listing):

Eligibility for the CPMA Seal of Acceptance/Approval

If your company manufactures products beneficial to foot health, you may be interested in the CPMA Seal of Approval Program. (Download Seal of Approval PDF Brochure)

The Seal of Acceptance/Approval is granted to the product, not the company. It can be used in a variety of ways, including in advertising, brochures, hang tags, box inserts, point-of-purchase materials, exhibiting, etc. It is important to mention that the Seal is restricted to only those products accepted by CPMA’s Seal of Approval/Acceptance Committee and is not transferable to a product or products which might possess similar components.

Companies interested in having their product(s) reviewed must complete the CPMA Seal of Approval/Acceptance application form and forward four samples of each product for which they are requesting approval along with fee payment, to:

Canadian Podiatric Medical Association
120 Carlton Street, Suite 305
Toronto, ON
M4A 4K2

The CPMA uses the following sliding fee scale for processing applications for the CPMA Seal of Acceptance/Approval:

  • 1st product $1500
  • 2nd & 3rd products $1000 each
  • 4 through 9 products $ 750 each
  • 10 or more products $ 500 each

The CPMA Committee on Podiatric Materials and Equipment is comprised of a chairman and three members of the CPMA. The committee is charged with the responsibility of reviewing materials and equipment that are used in the practice of podiatric medicine or that influence the foot health of the Canadian Public. The recommendations of this committee are made to the CPMA Board of Directors for final action and approval.

Program Criteria

The following product categories may be considered for the CPMA Seal of Acceptance:

  • Materials
  • Equipment
  • Shoes and hosiery
  • Non-prescription therapeutic (medicinal) agents
  • Prescription therapeutic (medicinal) agents

The downloadable PDF CPMA – Seal of Acceptance Program Guidelines details the procedures and regulations surrounding the use of the Seal.

What is the value of the Seal?

The value of the Seal of Acceptance is providing information for podiatrists, their patients and the general public to help them make good decisions regarding foot health by identifying exceptional quality products that are manufactured with the consumer’s comfort and safety in mind.

What process would a company go through to qualify for the Seal?

As mentioned above, the company must submit an application for each product along with samples for the committee to evaluate. The application includes information about the original trade package items produced for market for each submission; required documentary evidence regarding composition, physical and chemical properties; evidence of safety and efficacy; quality control systems utilized by the manufacturer; all labeling, package inserts, advertising, and promotional materials; and objective data from clinical and/or laboratory studies that support any claims made about the product.

How is a product evaluated?

Each committee member conducts an evaluation of each product, although the evaluation process differs for each product category. For example, the overall scientific evaluation on each footwear product includes an assessment of adequate toe-box dimensions, lining material texture, seam friction, durability, flexibility, slip resistance, thickness, shock absorption of outsole, cushioning and removeability of insole materials, breathability and durability of upper, the type of shank and total ground contact, heel counter support, heel height and stability, comfort, size range and weight of shoe.

Are products ever rejected? If so, why?

Yes, some products are rejected. Products that lack documentation to substantiate claims, that are primarily cosmetic, that do not allow for normal foot function, or that do not promote good foot health would not qualify for the seal.

How long is the Seal valid? Can it be renewed?

The seal is awarded for a three-year period and can be renewed for additional three-year periods upon consideration of the CPMA and the manufacturer.