Reno Gazette Journal: Foot issues keep podiatrists on their toes

From the Reno Gazette Journal news article:

The foot and ankle contain 26 bones all together, but feet also contain joints, muscles and tissue, all of which work together to help people stay upright and help bear the weight of the human body. As a result, the feet can take a beating in many different ways, including through broken bones. Breakages can occur in the toes, but also in the metatarsals, which are the five long bones near the midfoot that connect to the front phalanges.

Podiatrists also see patients for stress fractures, more than half of which occur in the lower legs or the feet, according to Mooney.

“Toes are commonly broken when they are slammed into something or something is dropped on them,” he said. “Stress fractures are common in athletes and people with osteoporosis.”…

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