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Becoming a Podiatrist

What education and training are required to become a podiatrist?

Depending on where the training was received, podiatrists can take up to eight years of university level education before beginning to practice as a podiatrist. Students who receive the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree first complete a four year undergraduate program in the sciences at an accredited university, followed by an additional four years at an accredited College of Podiatric Medicine in the U.S. Students study courses in all basic medical sciences. In the final two years, emphasis is placed on disorders affecting the foot and ankle and their various types of treatment. These courses are coordinated with clinical training in various university teaching hospitals. Upon completion, graduates obtain their Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) degree. Comprehensive Board exams as well as provincial licensing exams must then be passed before being licensed to practice. Students must also complete hospital-based residency programs of 1-3 years duration.

UK Podiatrists graduate from a 3 or 4 year degree course with either a BSc (Hons) Podiatry or a BSc (Hons) Podiatric Medicine from an accredited University. Further post graduate training is avaliable for those wishing to become Podiatric Surgeons.

In addition, continuing education courses keep podiatrists up-to-date regarding new developments in podiatric medicine and foot surgery.

Where can I receive training to become a podiatrist?

Students have the option of applying to one podiatric medical school in Canada or several schools in the United States. Students can also apply to schools in the United Kingdom, if they wish to pursue a BSc (Honours) Podiatry or BSc (Hons) Podiatric Medicine instead of a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree.



In Canada, the Universite de Quebec a Trois-Rivieres (UQTR) in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec provides a four year program that is patterned substantially on the U.S., podiatric medicine programs and on the standards of accreditation of the Council on Podiatric Medical Education. For more information about the program, visit

United States
In the United States there are several schools to choose from. Provided below is contact information for each of the schools.

Arizona Podiatric Medicine Program (AZPod) at Midwestern University Admissions Department Midwestern University 19555 North 59th Avenue, Glendale AZ 85308 (623) 572-3275 1 (888) 247-9277 e-mail:

Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine Division of Enrollment Services 11300 NE Second Avenue, Miami Shores, FL 33161 (305) 899-3130 1 (800) 695-2279 (outside Florida) Fax (305) 899-3253 E-mail:

California School of Podiatric Medicine at Samuel Merritt College 370 Hawthorne Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609 (510) 869-6727 1 (800) 607-6377 Fax (510) 869-6525 E-mail:

College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery at Des Moines University Admissions Coordinator 3200 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50312 (515) 271-7497 Fax (515) 271-7075 Email:

New York College of Podiatric Medicine Office of Admissions and Enrollment Mgmt. 1800 Park AvenueNew York, NY 10035 (212) 410-8053 (800) 526-6966 Fax (212) 722-4918 E-mail :

Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine Office of Admissions 10515 Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44106-9990 (216) 231-3300 1 (800) 238-7903 (outside Ohio) 1 (800) 821-6562 (inside Ohio) Fax (216) 231-6537

Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science Office of Student Services 3333 Green Bay Road, North Chicago, IL 60064-3095 (847) 578-8400 (800) 843-3059 (outside Illinois) Fax (847) 775-6523 E-mail:

Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine Office of Admissions Eighth at Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107 (215) 625-5448 1 (800) 220-FEET Fax (215) 627-2815

Western University of Health Sciences Office of University Recruitment and Strategic Enrollment Management 309 E. Second Street, Pomona, CA 91766 Phone: (909) 469-8416 Fax: (909) 469-5570

Northern Ireland

University of Wales Institute Cardiff
Wales Centre for Podiatric studies