Creams and Gels

A Canadian company focused on manufacturing the highest quality in foot care products. FRS has been supplying the Podiatric profession and their patients high quality products for 20 years. Foot Spa Cream uses the finest blend of European, natural ingredients, specifically targeted to moisturize dry/cracked heels and calloused areas of the feet. It is the only foot moisturizer that contains plant collagen, a superior softening and strengthening ingredient. This super rich formulation is the ultimate in foot moisturization. Developed by Podiatrists exclusively for health care practitioners. Also included in the Foot Repair System product line is Fungi Rid, a topical nail antifungal solution that can be used in the early stages of onychomycosis or as an adjunct to oral medications treating fungal nail infections. To reduce callouses and dry skin, FRS offers Pumice Foot Scrub, a gentle, foaming formulation included in one’s home foot care regime.



For years Kerasal One Step Exfoliating Foot Moisturizer has been the #1 over-the-counter brand recommended by podiatrists in the USA for severely cracked heels and rough dry feet. Now Kerasal One Step is available in Canada! Kerasal’s clinically proven dual-action formula both exfoliates and moisturizes in one step and softens even the driest, roughest feet. Kerasal’s patented technology combines the highly-effective exfoliating action of 5% salicylic acid with the penetrating hydration of 10% urea, to help soften keratin and control the buildup of hard, rough skin while helping to retain moisture in new cell layers.

Kerasal One Step is part of a full line of foot care products offered by Alterna LLC. Please see for more information.

PolyGel®, a multi-dimensional technology leader in R&D, manufacturing and marketing gel-based products for over 20 years, is dedicated to one goal … bringing wellness solutions to people all around the globe.

At PolyGel®, we are proud of our successful medical gel-based product line GelSmart®, which consists of a wide array of foot care and skin care product. GelSmart has introduced a new revolutionary technology— SmartGel® , which takes the best of nature and infuses botanicals and vitamins right into their gel formulas to provide the healing advantage.

In addition, the four patented gel applications (Diabetic Friendly, Hydration Therapy, Comfort Cushion and Scar Therapy) offer unique, advanced properties that address the individual pathologies and skin types of your patients. Whether to protect a diabetic patient or to help improve post-op or long-term scarring, GelSmart products with SmartGel Technology bring care to the next level.

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