An ingenious children’s shoe that stays on securely, slips on easily over other clothing, and protects little feet and dangling ankles from inclement weather. Stonz Booties are the company’s signature product, and are versatile enough to be worn both outdoors and indoors throughout several weather seasons. Already a must-have item for Canadian parents, the innovative Booties are now available in the US, Japan and throughout Europe, and have been approved by the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association! 

DESIGNED TO GET PEOPLE COMFORTABLY ON THEIR FEET AND ON THE MOVE. Saucony about making the most comfortable shoes for every foot type and gait cycle, in part because we know that selecting the right shoe is an important step towards correcting foot problems and preventing walking or running-related injuries. We offer designs aimed at providing stability and cushioning, for people with high to low arches, as well as narrow or wide feet. The following styles have been awarded the Seal of Acceptance from the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association: Echelon 6, Echelon 7, Echelon LE2, Integrity ST2, Redeemer ISO2, Omni ISO, Omni ISO2