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September 15, 2016
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September 21, 2016

5 elements for an efficient running form

From the Hamilton Spectator’s news article:

The majority of better runners land on their midfoot; that is, at a point just behind the ball of the foot.
They then drop down on their heel, and their body glides above the foot that is planted firmly on the ground before they push off with the toes.
Some land more forward on the ball of the foot (toe runners); others land more flatfooted (heel strikers). Different runners have different plants, dictated by how the parts of their bodies fit together, otherwise known as biomechanics.
If you possess an imperfect footplant, if your foot pronates too much or too little (which can cause injury), you may need to see a podiatrist for orthotic inserts. Most runners can control such problems by carefully selecting shoes.
The worst thing you can do to your footstrike is to try to adjust your landing to accommodate what you think other runners do.

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