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Footprints hold key to catching criminals says Senior Lecturer at Huddersfield University


From the Examiner news article:

Footprints left at a crime scene can be crucial in gaining a conviction.

But catching criminals this way has previously been difficult because of different techniques used by different forensic scientists.

Now a former NHS podiatrist and University of Huddersfield lecturer, Sarah Reel, has devised the best way of tracking crooks by their footwear.

Dr Reel reviewed various methods, identified the best elements and developed ways of using modern technology to identify a suspect.

The ‘Reel method’ is now used by forensic podiatrists.

In 1986, Dr Reel was asked to helped to identify a body found in a canal which had an medical appliance attached to its foot.

Shortly after that Dr Reel was burgled.

She said: “The perpetrator left a very clear shoe print on the back door where they had gained entry.

“Not only could you make out the size and make of the trainer that had made the mark on the door, but I could also see that there was a distinct area of wear on the outsole print, which would have coincided with a particular joint of the foot.

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