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December 4, 2017
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Ipswich Hospital praised for successfully tackling needless diabetic foot amputations
December 7, 2017

Is Barefoot Training Ever a Good Idea?

Barefoot Training

From the Self news article:

Lately, it seems like shoes have become optional for getting in a good workout. While we all remember the barefoot running craze from a few years back, a more recent spike in barefoot lifting has forced more gyms and weight rooms to develop “you at least have to wear socks” policies. On the flip side, most yoga, pilates, and barre studios won’t even let you step foot into their classrooms unless you take off your shoes first.

So what’s barefoot training all about? And when is it a good idea to ditch your sneakers—and when is it just asking for an injury? We talked to sports medicine doctor, a kinesiologist (an expert in the science of body movement), and a podiatrist to find out. Here’s what they said about lifting, running, and taking classes barefoot.

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