Infographic: Obesity and Foot Health

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March 8, 2018
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April 6, 2018

Infographic: Obesity and Foot Health

Foot pain is not normal and will not go away on its own. Contact your APMA-member podiatrist to help alleviate foot pain and get you active! (PRNewsfoto/American Podiatric Medical As...)

From the press release accompanying the American Podiatric Medical Association survey results:

An astounding 81 percent of obese Americans say they suffer from foot pain and at times experience multiple foot and ankle conditions…

…The study surveyed 1,275 US adults, ages 18 and older, to gain information about how many overweight and obese Americans experience foot pain. Results showed that not only do obese Americans have foot pain issues, but so do overweight Americans. In fact, 74 percent of overweight Americans say they experience foot problems. As foot pain contributes to a variety of negative health consequences, it is important that Americans seek the care of a podiatrist immediately if problems arise…

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