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Working from home causing an increase in foot pain, injuries, experts say

From the CTV News story:

Some doctors say they have seen an increase in Canadians reporting foot pain and injuries amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with more people staying home and not wearing shoes.

Dr. Howard Green, president of the B.C. Podiatric Medical Association, told that the increase in foot pain he has seen in patients has come from a variety of sources, including not wearing prescriptive insoles or custom orthotics.

People are working from home, not going to the office, and in that situation, a lot of times they’re not wearing shoes and the not wearing of shoes can flare up some symptoms or some pains that the shoes were taking care of before,” Green explained in a telephone interview from Surrey, B.C. on Friday.

“It’s also because people are running around their house barefoot while they’re at home and they’ve whacked their toes into a bed leg or a table leg and get injured,” he added.

With more Canadians staying home due to COVID-19 restrictions, Green said some people may go days without putting on footwear, which can cause pain to develop…

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