November 2021 Conference Program

CPMA 2nd Virtual Conference November 20, 2021

Program Times
below are EST

TimeslotSessionSpeaker Name
10:45:00 AMNetworking / Exhibits
11:30:00 AMIntroduction & WelcomeJames Hill, DPM and Howard Green DPM
11:40:00 AMKeynote Speaker
12:00:00 PMA Review of Plantar Psoriasis and an Update on Treatment OptionsTracey Vlahovic, DPM
12:30:00 PMNegative Pressure and DFU / VLU Case StudiesRose Raizman, RN
1:00:00 PMConservative Approach to Posterior Tibial Tendonitis and DysfunctionTim Dutra, DPM
1:30:00 PMSubtleties of Limb Length Discrepancies: Diagnosis and TreatmentFrancois Allart, DPM
2:00:00 PMBreak & Exhibitors
2:15:00 PMPediatric Sports Injuries / Treating KidsTim Dutra, DPM
2:45:00 PMThe Use of Dilute Alcohol Injections for Nerve Conditions and Keratotic Lesions of the FootGary Dockery, DPM
3:15:00 PMFoot Pain and the Kinetic ChainSelenia Iachelli, PT
3:45:00 PMCyber Security for your office

Kenton Marshall

4:15:00 PMBreak & Exhibitors
4:30:00 PMGeriatric Collapsing Foot and What They Really Want/NeedMichael Theodoulou, DPM
5:00:00 PMMinimally Invasive Foot Surgery (MIFS)

Sheldon Nadal, DPM

5:30:00 PMTo be confirmed 
6:00:00 PMTo be confirmed 
6:30:00 PMBreak & Exhibitors