The Guardian: Feet first, our NHS is limping towards privatisation 

From the Guardian news article: …This clinic lost four podiatry posts to save money: though diabetic numbers soar, its budget has been static for five years. “Doing more for less,” he says with the same weary sigh you hear echoing through the NHS. As Bowen goes through the clinic’s books removing all but the most acute […]

Saga Magazine article: New treatments for common foot problems 

From the Saga Magazine news article: Bunions? Fallen arches? Inflammation? Here are the latest effective procedures to ease these and other foot conditions… Read more at the link:

In the news: A podiatrist’s guide to back-to-school shoe shopping 

From the Fox 2 Detroit news article: One of the most important purchases on any parent’s back-to-school shopping list should be a pair of proper fitting shoes. Dr. Jodie Sengstock, a podiatrist from Feet First Podiatry in West Bloomfield, joins us on The Nine with some advice on how to make that happen. Watch the […]

Medical Monday: Plantar Fasciitis 

From the WXOX news article: …Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the ligament in the arch, caused by overuse. Every step you take aggravates the plantar fascia-the tissue connecting your heel bone to your toes-making it difficult to heal. Fortunately, most people find relief with relatively conservative treatments such as over-the-counter arch supports and anti-inflammatory medications. […]

In the news: What it means when kids walk on their toes 

From the  The Conversation article: …Toe walking can be classified into four groups. Some neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy cause the calf muscle to be tighter or change the way it works. This makes it hard or impossible for the child to get their heels onto the ground to walk with their […]

Reno Gazette Journal: Foot issues keep podiatrists on their toes 

From the Reno Gazette Journal news article: …The foot and ankle contain 26 bones all together, but feet also contain joints, muscles and tissue, all of which work together to help people stay upright and help bear the weight of the human body. As a result, the feet can take a beating in many different ways, […]

Pre congress surgical workshop 

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In the news: Here’s What Podiatrists Think About Your Chuck Taylors 

From the Huffington Post news article: …Ice Cube wears them but makes a very good point: “It’s crazy to think that them basketball cats played in Chuck Taylors. I got Chucks in my suitcase right now, but that shit gives you flat feet.” And he’s not alone in that sentiment. So Chucks are an affordable, stylish […]

National Post: Nurse practitioners, midwives could get drug-prescribing powers in some provinces 

From the article: Proposed changes to the Controlled Substances Act would allow midwives, nurse practitioners and foot specialists in some provinces to prescribe medications classified as controlled substances as soon as this fall. Legislation in some provinces and territories already allows the different groups to write prescriptions for controlled substances, such as morphine. Natasha Prodan-Bhalla, […]